• The Engadine Consolidated Schools Educational Foundation for Excellence


    You Are Invited —

    To make a difference in the Engadine Consolidated Schools. Your support of the Engadine Consolidated Schools Foundation for Educational Excellence will help to build the bridge between potential and achievement.


    With Your Help —

    We can build a Foundation for the future in the Engadine Consolidated Schools which will:

        • Enhance the environment of personal and academic excellence.

        • Encourage teachers to explore ways of expanding their students’ worlds of learning.

        • Provide a vital link between the community and the classroom.

        • Make the significant difference between what is and what can be.

    The Foundation, You and the Future:

    Together, we can make a difference in the school days of sons and daughters of the Engadine Consolidated Schools.


    PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE:   https://ecs-educationfoundation.org/