• Engadine Consolidated Schools uses two evalaution tools for the purpose of growth and evaluation for the Superintendent, Admininstrators and teachers. It is the responsibily of the Engadine Board of Education members to solely evalaute the performance of the Superitnendent using an evaluation model called School ADvance. The Superintendent is in charge of evaluating Administrators within the district, also using the School ADvance model. Professional teaching staff are evaluated by the Admininstrators and/or the Superintendent using an evaluation model called Thoughtful Classroom. Ratings are provided using rubrics, observations, evidence and input in a fair, transparent way that is systematic and allows for growth, goal setting and evalation of performance progress. Staff receive final ratings of Highly Effective, Effective, Mininally Effective and Ineffective.


    School ADvance information can be found here: https://goschooladvance.org/


    School ADvance Superintendent and District Leaders, Principal and Building Leaders and Non-Instructional Leaders can be found at: https://goschooladvance.org/evaluation-tools/examination-tools/


    Thoughtful Classroom information can be found here: https://thoughtfulclassroom.com/educator-effectiveness-and-evaluation/


    Thoughtful Classroom Teacher Effectiveness Rubric may be found here: https://thoughtfulclassroom.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/4-TCTEF_Quick_Guide_071819.pdf