• What is Child Find?

    The Child Find process includes activities designed to identify, locate and evalaute children (ages birth to 26) suspected of having a disability.


    How Does Child Find Work?

    Schools work closely with community service agencies, parents and other organizations/providers to locate children with disabilities, including thos ein private schools, homeschools, or are currrently hoeless.


    Why Is Child Find Important?


    It helps the child, parents and providers plan appropriate services and links parents to services for students who meet specific eligibility criteria at no cost to the family.


    Where Can I Find More Information About Child Find?


    The Michigan Department of Education has Child Find information located at the following web address: https://www.michigan.gov/mde/-/media/Project/Websites/mde/specialeducation/eval-eligibility/ChildFind.pdf


    Additional information from Michigan Alliance for Families may be found here: https://www.michiganallianceforfamilies.org/child-find/


    For more information about Child Find at Engadine Consolidated Schools, please contact the Superintendent's office at 906-477-6313.