• Golden Eagle Award

    STATEMENT: The purpose of this endeavor (The Golden Eagle Award) is to acknowledge any individual who has contributed significantly to the success of the Engadine Consolidated Schools' athletic program. We hope that their accomplishments will serve as an inspiration to the present athletes, so they might also excel in athletics and use their experience as a stepping-stone to a successful life.


    1. A committee of five will be selected by the Engadine Consolidated Schools' (ECS) Booster Club to consider worthy nominees for the award.

    2. Nominees may consist of any individual (male or female) who contributed significantly and beyond the ordinary to the success of the ECS's athletic program.

    3. Four nominees will be selected the first year and a maximum of two nominees are to be selected each following year if all criteria are met.

    4. The nominees to be selected must have been out of school (from their senior year) at least 15 years.

    5. Anyone may nominate an individual to be considered for this award. The individual that nominates a candidate must do so in writing and sign their name to the document. They should include their candidate's accomplishments.

    6. A list of nominees will be compiled along with their accomplishments. Committee members will make their selections from this list.

    7. Those selected must receive a majority vote of the five-committee members.

    8. Committee members will serve a term of two consecutive years and them be replaced on a rotation basis every 2 years. Current members may be asked to serve an extra year if qualified replacements are not available.

    9. The list of year-to year candidates will be3 kept by the athletic director.

    10. The individuals selected each year will be honored at the annual sport's banquet.

    11. The award will be enclosed in a frame listing the individual's accomplishments and will be displayed in a prominent place near the main gymnasium.

    12. The nomination will be sent to the nominee for verification and/or corrections.


    1. Leadership
    2. Participation
    3. Competition Played
    4. Contribution
    5. Awards
    6. Academics
    7. Dedication
    8. College Participation
    9. Citizenship
    10. Milestones
    11. Achievements
    12. Recognition
    13. Records
    14. Team Achievements



    NOTE: This form must be returned to the athletic director by January 31st if the athlete is to be considered for induction at the Spring Sport's Banquet.

    Please fill out the from to the best of your ability and provide as much information as you can. The nominee must have graduated from Engadine Consolidated Schools at least 15 years ago. The purpose of this award is to honor former athletes or boosters who have contributed significantly, male or femaile, to the athletic program. Please use a separate form for each nominee.

    1. Full name of nominiee (including nickname, if applicable) ________________________
    2. Year of graduation from Engadin Consolidated Schools _________________
    3. List the years the nominee participated in the following sports:

    Football _______

    Basketball ______

    Track __________

    Baseball ________

    Volleyball _______

    Cross Country ____

    4 List any honors the nominee attained and the year they were so honored including: All-Conference, All-UP, All-State, All-
    American. Indicate whether the honor included 1st team, 2nd team, or honorable mention status. Be specific. Example; All-Stat, 2nd team, football, Detroit Free Press 1966, Offensive tackle.


    5 List any specific honors the nominee attained such as “Conference Offensive Player of the Year”, “Outstanding athlete of an invitational track meet”, “scored 1,00 points”, “Only player to have…”


    6. List any school records, lmeet records, or U.P., or State records the nominee holds or held in track, football, basketball, volleyball, or baseball and the year the record was established


    7. Indicate if the nominee was chosen as Captain of the team and the year chosen. ______________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    8. List the number of major letters won in each sport. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    9. Indicate contributions (volunteer work) the nominee has made to the athletic program. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    10. If the nominee is a coach, list the sports coached and year, championships won, honors award, won-lost record in each sport, total years coached, indicate the level of coaching as to head coach, assistant coach, Jr. High, Elementary, players wo attained honors under the coach, and any other significant information. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    11. Indicate the job or profession the nominee has pursued after graduation. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    12. Indicate (if known) the present location of the nominee including their address and telephone number. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    13. Include any comments you wish ot make as to why your nominee deserves to be chosen for the Golden Eagle Award. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Last Modified on October 29, 2009