Michael Thomas Dailey 


            Michael Dailey was born on October 26,1958, in Howell, Michigan, at McPherson hospital.  His brothers and sisters were Kenney Dailey, Sherri Dailey, Frankie Dailey, and Larry Dailey.  He worked on the farm for my grandma.


     He rode bus or car to school, wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt. His favorites in school were math, history, English, physical education, and shop.  He ran track and played football.   He won the two mile track run and was given an award.



                            His favorite holiday was Christmas.  The T.V. show he watched most was “Gunsmoke”with James Arness.  The biggest historic event in his life was man landing on the moon  He enjoyed collecting pop cans and watching the Detroit Lions.  His jobs  were working in the feed-store, farming, driving truck  and being a mechanic.  He was really good at running track and being a mechanic.  My mom’s favorite memory of him was snowmobiling, because he had so much fun. 




                                                    Nathan Butkovich 

                                                    Fifth Grade

                                                    Engadine Elementary School



    Thank you for your time, Grandma and Mom, so I could write this.