Mina Clark 

    Mina Clark was born in Danville, Michigan, on a farm.  She had two brothers and one sister.  She had lots of farm pets.  She got to school by horse and buggy, or she walked.  Her first day at school was exciting! The clothes that were popular when she was my age were dresses, bonnets, skirts, and no shorts!  The classes Mina liked were all of them, but the trouble was she also enjoyed making pranks.


    Her first paying job was as a school teacher.   Mina was really good at teaching and playing the piano.  The awards she earned were teaching awards.  Her favorite band was probably grandpa’s square dance band.


     She liked to read Christian magazines.  It cost two or three cents to buy a candy bar, and ten cents to go to a movie, but she stayed home most of the time. But she did get around by horse and buggy.  When she was older, it was by Model T’s.  Mina liked to collect dolls and sew in her spare time; her favorite family tradition was church.


     She was married on the Fourth of July, in Fowlerville, and was married for twenty- one years!  She had two sons, and nine grandchildren.  Her jobs were to keep those two boys straight and to be a housewife and a homemaker.


     Her worst memories were when her two sons went into the service [World War II], plus when her father had cancer!  What was better in the good old days was honesty, devotion, helping other families, and not being selfish.  [Mina died of cancer in 1965].



    Christopher Keller

    Fifth Grade

    Engadine Elementary School



    Thank you for letting me interview you, Mr. And Mrs. Clark, about your mother, Mina Clark.