• Arthur James Barber



                Arthur Barber was born in Newberry on April 6, 1910.  He had six brothers and sisters, Iva, Gertrude, Mary, Bill, John and Fred.  They walked a half-mile to school each morning.  His favorite class was arithmetic.  Woodrow Wilson was president when Arthur was in my grade. He got in trouble one day for throwing garden potatoes at his sister, Mary.


                When Arthur grew up he became a sergeant in the army.  His first wife was Elva Feneley.  They were married in 1940 for four to five years.  He married Ann Edwards in the late 1940s.  His third wife was Jessie Barber.  They were married in 1975 until 1988 when Arthur died.  He had one child, Bill.


                His only fear was of being bombed in World War II.  He had a real butch haircut, “ flat enough to set a pan on top.”  When the war was over Arthur was said to have lung cancer.  His worst memory was of the war.  Arthur died at the age of seventy-five on May 17, 1988, of lung cancer.


    Katelyn Buckholz

    Fifth Grade

    Engadine Elementary School


    Thank you, to Jessie Barber for information on her husband, Mary Salter for information on her brother, and to my mom and dad, John and Linda Bucholz, for information on their neighbor